Deutsche Schule Instituto Ballester

The German School Instituto Ballester offers its students bilingual education from kindergarten to secondary level and internationally accredited certification in the form of a mixed-language International Baccalaureate (Gemischtsprachige Internationale Baccalaureate – GIB).

The school currently enrolls 1200 students, taught by approximately 170 teachers, in its two locations at Villa Ballester and Villa Adelina in Buenos Aires.

The German school community Villa Ballester was founded in 1922, then known as the “Bismarck School”. Today, the school’s coat of arms is reminiscent of the original name, the elements of the Bismarck family coat of arms: the cloverleaf and the oak leaves.

In 2011, the German School Instituto Ballester received the award ‘Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule’ (Excellent German School Abroad) and it has won numerous other prizes ever since, including for a project on Inclusion.

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