Cairo: Creative (re)mix

The cover picture of the December issue of the 2015 students’ newspaper shows how students at the BHS Cairo connect German and Egyptian cultures. The decorated Christmas tree stands in a pot on which the name of a typical Egyptian dish, “Koshari“, is written. Koshari is largely written in Latin letters, but the “sch” in […]

Cairo: Junior elections

The BHS-Cairo has also participated in the Junior Elections for the Bundestag. During these elections the student representative was elected too. Students from 10th grade prepared the elections and staffed the electoral proceedings. This exercise was not only interesting for the teachers and students of the German School: no less than four media outlets- two […]

Cairo: A portrait of the Headmaster

Wolfgang Selbert has been Headmaster of the German School Beverly Hills Cairo since 2016. He studied German, History and Latin and has been teaching grammar schools (Gymnasien) in Germany and abroad since 1998. In 2002, he came to Cairo for the first time to lead the German Protestant High School in Cairo, then he headed […]

Cairo: Müllstadt-project = student engagement and religious diversity

Since 2014, students from the BHS-Cairo have been supporting the “Müllstadt E.V.” association, which supports people in a waste suburb of Cairo. The students organize fundraisers and visit the community center sponsored by the association, a schooling center, and a kindergarten. Waste from the southern part of the metropolis is collected in this quarter. The […]

Cairo: We’re in!

The German School of Beverly Hills Cairo has joined our research project!