globalDAS on tour!

The globalDAS team presented on 10th of September 2018 the results of their work on transnational spaces in education at the conference of the School Research and Didactics Commission of the DGfE, held this year at the Europa-Universität Flensburg and focused on Transnational Perspectives on School and Education.

Simona Szakács Behling and Catharina Keßler gave empirical examples of ‘traveling’ global citizenship practices across borders to illustrate the benefits of applying a methodologically trans-nationalist lens in doing comparative educational research [Download Presentation].

Felicitas Macgilchrist and Annekatrin Bock made a compelling argument for the inclusion of (data) infrastructures as hidden mediators in any theorizing about transnational education spaces [Download Presentation].

Riem Spielhaus and Christian Kuchler explored the role of the German Schools in Cairo in creating, promoting, and perpetuating a transnational local elite [Download Presentation].

More details on our presentations can be found here.