Seoul: Time to say goodbye

I am leaving the field with many insights into the school’s culture and creative appropriation of global citizenship education – definitely a lot to think about back home at my desk!  

Seoul: Diversity in the classroom

Today I visit the first graders in their first lesson: at the beginning of the day, they choose what they would like to work on. At the moment, some of the children are working on post cards to send to their partner class at a primary school in Germany. The first graders’ classroom is colorful […]

Seoul: Love thy enemy!

In a religious study class, pupils sit in groups of four to five around tables, all have their laptops in front of them, talk to each other and type on their keypads. “We are working on our film script”, one explains to me. The topic is the Sermon on the Mount and the pupils have […]

Seoul: Christmas can come!

The Christmas spirit finds its way into the DSSI! A group of mothers sets a record in unpacking big boxes with Christmas decorations, and they transform hallways and classrooms. Students in art class draw Christmas pictures as decorations for one of the hallways and the third graders have built a nativity scene during their crafts […]

Seoul: Robots on the loose!

Third and fourth graders become engineers on Thursday afternoons. The topic today are touch sensors. „Where do you find them in everyday life?”, asks the teacher of the extra-curricular activity. Many children raise their arm; some are very excited and shout that they want to give the answer. I learn that touch sensors are used […]

Seoul: Mapping the World

I see maps of the world and of Germany at different locations in the school. Different such ‘mappings of the world’ hang in the hallways as well as in the classroom: climate maps, political maps as well as a sticker with the slogan “world tour” that shows different means of traveling as well as the […]

Seoul: Regional dynamics through Sports

Since today’s first long break, a big monitor in the lobby shows photos of pupils who represented the school at the East Asia Games last week. This year, the games took place in Hong Kong. Every two years, pupils of German Schools Abroad in East Asia meet and compete in individual and team sports.   […]

Seoul: Multiperspectivity and colonial history

Today, the ninth graders talk about the so-called ‘Berlin Africa conference’ of 1884/85. The headline is “scramble for Africa” and the pupils take first the perspective of colonial powers and their respective interests. Afterwards they write a diary entry from the perspective of someone suppressed by the colonial powers. History is one of the bilingual […]

Seoul: Cultural Identities’ Staircase gallery

The main building’s staircase is designed with elements of black, red and gold. It is not only the ‘traffic hub’ for the many school actors hurrying from one lesson to the next, or going to the cafeteria or outside to the yard during lunch break. Like a gallery, it also displays pupils’ artwork. Two paintings […]